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Nap Time Hustle

I am quick, quiet and precise, closing the bedroom door with as much finesse as it would take to defuse a bomb. One wrong move could result in a devastating explosion of cries and retorts. Mission failed. Lately, failed missions have become the norm. A 5-month-old and a stubborn 3 1/2 year old who no longer needs or wants to curl up in bed for a mid-afternoon snooze has basically made “me” time obsolete.

Successful missions, however, are awarded with one to two hours of sweet, sweet freedom. Freedom to start the dishwasher and put on a load of laundry without interruption, respond to Etsy convos, and pee without a pair of sweet little brown eyes in my business.

The nap time hustle. Coveted by even the the most organized stay-at-home maker mama. It’s our time to work on our craft, make connections and reach our goals. I sit at my sewing machine, reveling in the quiet calm. There is nothing quite as rewarding as turning a stack of fabric into a cozy duvet, crib skirt, and anything else a client could need. It’s that feeling that makes me strive to achieve higher goals. The high I get from a positive review gets me through yet another episode of Paw Patrol. Those stolen moments while the babies slumber make me, me again.

Mamas, we have a tough gig. It is so easy to lose yourself in those tiny people that control most of our lives. Trying to start a successful business while packing lunches and wiping noses probably deserves a one way ticket to crazy town. But the sense of achievement felt as we reach our goals while raising our kids is an addiction that cannot be denied. Being a stay-at-home mom doesn’t have to mean putting ourselves last or setting our dreams aside.

So keep on keeping on, mamas. Use those stolen moments to achieve your goals and find your calling. Day dream about the next step and make it happen…

During the next nap time. ๐Ÿ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Nap Time Hustle

  1. I loved it and is so true !! I’m still battling my 5 1/2 month old son for naps, he takes naps but only if I’m happy lying him other wise he can be completely passed out and as soon as I lay him on his crib he wakes up and cries, no matter how many times I try. Funny thing he sleeps ( most of the nights ) good on his crib !! Weird right !!??
    I’ll be trying and won’t give up, while I think a way to make some money as a stay home mom.
    Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Thanks so much, Karla! I too am dealing with a baby who only wants to sleep on me during the day. Makes it just a little difficult ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Find something you’re passionate about and figure out how to make money doing it! You got this, lady!


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