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Progress & A Launch!

It’s been a while.

Life gets away from you with two little ones. Corbin is free for the summer, so he and his little brother take priority over pretty much everything else. The hot Texas days keep getting hotter and this native mama does not handle the heat well. Give me an iced coffee and some air conditioning and I’m a happy camper. None of this, “let’s play outside!” at 2 p.m. for this girl. Nope.

During thsolidcolorse rare occasion when both boys are happily content, I sneak some time to work
toward my ultimate goal: launching these breastfeeding tops! A majority of that has been gathering more information from fellow mamas on what it is they desire in nursing clothes. Colors, prints, design. I get caught up in what I like instead of seeing the bigger picture, so it’s important that I take a HUGE step back and find out what the majority of my audience likes instead of just making what I would wear and hoping it appeals to the masses. I want this re-launch of my shop to happen the right way. The samples I’ve been making are cute, colorful florals and stripes, but after some polls I quickly realized that solids are the way to go. Swatches have been ordered, and I’m patiently waiting for their arrival so I can scrutinize the colors and stretch and make sure they hit every check box. I’m pretty happy with the selections, though.

I am hopeful for an August 5th launch date. That would be a fantastic birthday present! The excitement around these tops has been so surprising, I only hope the finished product fits the needs of all of the awesome breastfeeding and pumping mamas out there. I also hope this one woman show can keep up with production! Yes, these are absolutely 100% made by me, in my sewing room, with my own two hands. You can’t get much more handmade. The pretty poppy selection in the title photo is available for pre-order through July 5th! See more pics and get more info by clicking the SHOP tab.

Have a safe, happy 4th of July weekend. Hug those babies tight, eat something grilled, and watch some fireworks!

– Gina


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