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Why I’m Not a Fashionista Mom + A Giveaway to Win LulaRoe Leggings! (Now closed)

Being a stay at home mom means I wear a lot of pajama pants or athletic pants (because the pajamas are in the wash, let’s be honest). Skinny jeans were my first love, and if I feel like getting fancy or I need to be presentable in public, I’ll throw on my favorite pair with a loose top and a pair of boots if it’s chilly out. Bonus points if my hair is straight and my makeup is done.

I see you, moms at drop off who look all cute and put together, with their tops that look like they’re from and adorable little ankle booties. Of course my mind thinks, “I want to be that cute and put together! I can totally look like a perfect Instagram mom with the trendy kids and gorgeous hair.” I’ll settle for happy kids and hair that looks good enough to wear down instead of in a messy bun.

Those moms may look great on the outside, but who knows how stressed, worn down, stretched thin and exhausted they are on the inside. Most of them probably also work outside the home and have to be put together, anyway. Besides, tight waistbands are uncomfortable and I’m self-conscious in skinny jeans when I’ve still got about 15 pounds of baby weight to lose (we’ll open that can of worms later). Chasing around two boys full-time makes clothes shopping next to impossible, not to mention clothes can be costly when you need to revamp an entire wardrobe. I need cute options that are easy to mix and match, make me feel put together but comfortable enough to chase babies in and don’t cost a small fortune!

In May 2016, I got invited to join a group on Facebook. I had never heard of LulaRoe and was immediately drawn to the product images of cozy looking clothing paired together in adorable outfits. Leggings, skirts, dresses and tops that are well-fitting and come in tons of solids and prints. Sign me up! I bought one pair of gorgeous floral leggings and fell in love. There’s a good reason LulaRoe leggings are referred to as “butter” leggings. These babies are soft. The waistline is wider than normal leggings, and they are also a good thickness. They retain their shape and don’t stretch out or sag after a few hours of wear like some brands tend to do. Pair them with an Irma (a high/low top that’s longer in the back to cover the goods) or a Perfect Tee (A tee that flairs around the hips) and you are cute, comfortable and good to go!  Oh how I wish I had known about LulaRoe when I was pregnant! Comfort is priority when you’re massively pregnant and these leggings are the epitome of comfort. Just look at how adorable these preggos are in Lula!

I rocked my pair of floral leggings for a couple months until I got my first solid pair, and then it slowly spiraled out of control. Once I was introduced to the Carly, a high/low swing dress, my obsession with LulaRoe was sealed. My Lula wardrobe has slowly grown over the past few months and now includes multiple styles and prints that coordinate or look fantastic with my favorite pair of skinny jeans. To be honest, I’ve had to curb my LulaRoe shopping because it got a little out of hand, which is extremely sad considering one of my closest friends is a brand new consultant who is launching her shop this week!

photo-jan-11-11-25-19-amAmber is an amazing lady who is also a stay at home mom. Her love of LulaRoe and a need to help support her family gave her the courage to take a leap of faith and become a consultant. She waited patiently for months for her onboarding call and I’m selfishly super happy to say I was there when she finally received it! No one deserves a shot at a successful business more than this gal. She’s launching her shop this Friday, January 13th! To celebrate, she’s doing a giveaway for a FREE pair of leggings. All you have to do to enter is join her Facebook page, LulaRoe Amber Paul, add some friends you think would love LulaRoe, and comment on the pinned Giveaway post with the number of friends you added. If her page reaches 250 members by launch day, she’s going to give an outfit to one lucky lady! Want more chances to win? Follow both of us on Instagram @lovelymessylife@lularoeamberpaul and tag a friend for a chance to win some LulaCash to spend during the launch! Please note that LulaRoe consultants have no control over the prints they receive. Amber can choose styles and sizes, but she anticipates the prints she’ll get as much as you do!

Oh, and some icing on the cake? She snagged some highly anticipated Valentine’s Leggings! I’ve personally got my eyes on the red leggings with the little white hearts.

Whether you’re already a LulaRoe lover like myself, been on the fence about trying it out, or never heard of it before, this is a great opportunity to win some clothes, shop, and support a terrific mompreneur. Even if you don’t win, consider hosting an online party and earn free clothes! I have hosted an online party and earned over $100 worth of LulaRoe, just from inviting my friends to shop in their pajamas. Now if that’s not a good time, I don’t know what is.


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