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So Many Germs, So Little Energy

I’m tired.

So, so tired.

It’s been a long couple of weeks in our house. Two weeks ago, the hubs came down with some sort of flu-like illness – fever, aches, chills, sinus pain, you name it. Poor guy stayed home from work but didn’t get much rest, because kids. Then he had to power through three days of training (he was doing the training) at work while battling said flu-like illness. Luckily he felt better by Saturday because I escaped for the entire day to help my sweet friend with her first LulaRoe event! This was pretty much the best day ever because:

  1.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I was away from both kids for an entire day where travel wasn’t involved (maybe never?).
  2. Seeing my friend live this dream that she’s had for so long was so fulfilling. This was her first big event as a consultant, so I’m glad I was there to help. There were some serious shoppers out and about. She had an extremely successful weekend and I’m so happy I got to be a part of that.
  3.  I had adult conversations with adult people without being interrupted every three seconds. You know how amazing that is.
  4. I met the sweetest, funniest women! Being surrounded by these women who run their own LulaRoe businesses was so empowering. A business like LulaRoe can only be successful if you put in the work, and these
    women work.
  5. I found my unicorn. Hummingbird leggings. When I spotted them under a stack of other prints, it hummingbirdsliterally had me in tears. You’re probably thinking I’m a crackpot for crying over leggings with hummingbirds on them, so let me explain. My sweet Mamaw loved hummingbirds. I have fond memories of visiting my grandparents out in the country and watching those tiny birds flutter around the hummingbird feeders on the front porch. She collected beautiful little figurines throughout the years and I am lucky enough to have two of them on display in our living room. At her graveside service in 2015, as we sat there and listened to the pastor speak about her life, a hummingbird appeared right next to her picture and stayed for just a moment before fluttering off again. We knew it was her saying goodbye. So these leggings are more than just leggings. I had to have them, even though I swore I wouldn’t buy things. I didn’t even tell the husband I bought them until the next day when I asked him if he wanted to see something. He rolled his eyes because I have a LulaRoe problem, but when he saw the hummingbirds he just smiled and said, “Your grandmother.” Can’t argue with Mamaw! (Did I mention I have them on right now?)

Sunday is when it started going downhill for me. I woke up with the headache from Hell and it stayed with me all day long. At one point I just curled up into the fetal position on the couch while the four year old played the “why” game. “Why are you laying down, Mommy?” “Because I have a headache.” “Why does your head hurt, Mommy?” “Because it just does.” “But why? I don’t want you to lay down. Why, Why, Why, Why.” I really cannot wait for this phase to be over. For some strange reason I was thinking we lucked out and skipped this one, but I was obviously mistaken.

Monday wasn’t much better. Headache was still present, husband was at work so I was solo with two needy children and a strong desire to lay in bed and ignore everything. But moms don’t get sick days, so I powered through and counted down the minutes until bedtime. Around 2 a.m., shit got serious. Baby G is crying, but I am shaking, freezing to my core and feel like my head is literally going to pound it’s way off of my neck. The husband brings me the baby and the thermometer. Hello, fever. By the morning my temperature had done nothing but rise and I felt worse than I had in years. Thank the lord the hubs took Tuesday off. Some coffee (lifeblood) and Tylenol later, I was a semi-functioning mombie. Which is good because C was home from school with a gnarly cough. Yay.

To top off the headache and overall crappiness, my left breast started to seriously hurt. Baby G is almost 15 months (cry) and still breastfeeds. I have been prone to milk blisters throughout our breastfeeding journey and had recently had one but thought I was in the clear. Well, apparently not. My boob is mad, y’all. If you’ve ever suffered from mastitis, you know how horrible it makes you feel. Unfortunately, I am an expert on mastitis and have had it four or five times since G was born. At this point all I have to do is call my doctor, tell him what’s up and he sends in a prescription. I love that man.

It is now mid-week and I’m really hoping things turn around soon in the health department. C went back to school today, the husband is back to normal and I am impatiently waiting for my prescription to be filled. Oh, but the baby is super congested, snotty, and running a fever now! One day we will all be healthy at the same time. Until then… *cough*


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4 thoughts on “So Many Germs, So Little Energy

  1. What a sweet memory of your Mawmaw! I recently discovered LLR in November and already have 15 pairs! I’m addicted! They are so comfortable and cute!

    Being sick is the worst! I’m just getting over a terrible bout of bronchitis. It seems to be galloping around!! Glad you are feeling better!


  2. Looks like the flu made the rounds in your house! Glad everyone is functional again! I have never heard of LLR and I’m going to check them out now! Stopping by from the Weekend Blog Share!


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