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Five Mom Activities That Burn Calories

During the hours my kids are awake and home, I’m pretty sure I only sit for about two of them. I’m not talking about relaxing, either. Sitting is usually accompanied by entertaining, feeding, changing a diaper, or cleaning up toys and only occur in approximately five minute increments. The longest span of sitting that happens on any given day is almost always during nap time and involves writing or making connections on social media (which is fantastic, thank you very much).

One of the main reasons I have been slacking in the working out department is I’m just too dang tired from all of the momming done on a daily basis. An extremely large amount of energy is required to keep up with the demands of needy children all day, every day. Because of this, it is my personal belief that I burn enough calories from just being mom to qualify as a 30 minute workout. Therefore, I work out seven days a week. Perfect logic, right?!

In order to make all of us feel like fitness champs, here are five mom activities that most definitely burn enough calories to count as a workout.


Snack and Drink Fetching. How many times a day do your kids ask for snacks or a drink? I’m pretty sure we average at least 20 in our house, and that’s just for the four year old. I don’t even want to think about what the number will be once baby G is able to vocalize desire for Goldfish crackers. The steps taken from the other side of the house to the kitchen and back has to add up to a 5k by the end of the day. As soon as we sit, a small human inevitably needs more water, more milk ,or a snack. I have even dedicated a rather large drawer to self-serve options, but C still whines, “Will you choose me something?”


Baby Carrying. If you are lucky enough to have a small child of a certain age who still likes to be carried around a majority of the day, then you are getting a workout. Baby G is in that super fun phase where if he’s not asleep or happily entertained, he insists on being held. He’s probably a sturdy 25 pounds by this point, so he gets just a little heavy after a while. And for some reason I can’t comfortably hold him with my right arm (even though it’s my dominant arm), so my left arm is no doubt stronger than the right arm. Multitasking? Holding a baby while fetching said snacks and drinks for the other kid has got to be equivalent to a HIIT workout.


Laundry.If you’re anything like me, you wash as many clothes as possible in one load, which can make for some seriously heavy baskets. Hauling said basket from bedrooms to the laundry room totally counts as cardio! And, if the washer and dryer are stacked like mine, squatting down to move clothes from the washer to the dryer is a great way to work those glutes. If they’re side to side, those core muscles are working hard to move those wet clothes from one unit to the other. Score!


Toddler Body Guard. Baby proofing only does so much. I find myself redirecting baby G more times a day than I can count. Whether it’s getting him out of the kitchen, or the bathroom while big brother is pooping – he is constantly on the go, and so am I. If there is a corner in your house that isn’t fully baby proofed or shut off, the toddler will find it and get into something not meant for fat little hands. Many times, the bodyguard gig involves Baby Carrying, so that should count for double the workout!

Picking Up Toys, Trash and Clutter. Our playroom is currently set up in what is also baby G’s room. The toys were originally “organized” on shelves in a corner of our living room, but the husband and I got tired of being surrounded by plastic crap all.the.time. One day, we decided enough was enough and moved it all into another room so we wouldn’t have to look at it at night when we’re trying to relax and watch TV. The change has been better for the most part, but now I spend a good part of my day hauling toys back to the playroom that were discarded after two minutes of fun. Yes, the four year old is directed to do this himself, but after the fifth time asking and three toe-stubs later, I usually end up doing it myself. Add to it the snack wrappers, bowls, and random papers found scattered throughout the house, and you’ve got a pretty good cardio sesh from trekking to the trash and recycle bins over the course of a day. I’m not really sure how so many household items get moved out of their designated location to a completely random spot, but part of the day is also dedicated to putting them in their proper places. All of that time added up has to be a thirty minute walk, minimum!

So the next time you’re feeling down on yourself for not making it to the gym or getting in that workout at home, remind yourself of all the active things you do as a mom every single day! It takes a strong woman to fulfill all the requirements that come with raising littles, and mamas, you are strong!


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