Welcome to My Messy Life



Hi, nice to meet you! I’m Gina, wife and mom of two boys, in Austin, Texas.

When I decided to quit working full time and be a stay at home mom in 2013, I found myself feeling lost and less-than. Social media moms and larger than life mom bloggers made it seem like child-rearing and owning a successful business was simple and fulfilling. If they can do it, I surely can! After my second son was born in 2015, I launched a line of breastfeeding tops for mamas who wanted to nurse in public in a discreet way. They were a huge hit and got much more interest than I anticipated. Soon, I found myself overwhelmed, unable to keep up with demand and financially unable to outsource the work. My sweet boys weren’t getting enough mama time and I was frazzled, stressed out and worn thin.

I took a long look at my situation and decided to simplify. Staying home with my kids was about wanting to be here for them, so why was I pushing myself so hard? I put my Etsy shop on vacation mode and walked away.

Life these days is more enjoyable. Attention is focused on enjoying the kids and spending time together as a family. I relax more and stress less! I’ve found a passion for home decorating on a budget and rediscovered my love for cooking. Sure, there are days when I miss my little business and reaching those long term goals; there will be time for that when the boys are in school. Now is the time to be here for the littles and rediscover my passions along the way. So let’s see where this lifelong love for writing takes me! Come check in and discover the latest family happenings, newest recipe or DIY home projects.

I look forward to sharing our lovely, messy life with you.